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Welcome to My Journey to Depth, a blog in which I share my training tips, freediving adventures and competition stories.

Last weekend at pool competitions under CMAS rules in France I demonstrated a result of 206.7 meters in DYN.

I’m honestly enjoying a positive progression in my results. Last time I took part in pool competitions 2 years ago.
This year I’m competing within a French circuit FFESSM, these competitions for me are like official trainings. I started my pool training season at the end of November, so to improve my result in 2 months is a real party!

Tomorrow I will take part in other competitions but this time competing in DNF. I train only 3 times a week late in the evening in a 25-meter pool, when the competitions are held in a 50’s, so I’m glad to demonstrate a good result.

Freediving in general is an interesting sport in this respect, if you compare freediving athletes with other sports. Although as my club mates notice, I dive a little and swim a lot. I swim a lot working with technique – because there is no limit to perfection 🙂

I generally think that if you dive a lot, for example, every training session you will try to hold your breath longer and longer, at one point you just wouldn’t want to hold it. And worst of all, if this happens in competitions.

This year I have planned 5 competitions in the pool. Freediving in France is a very popular sport, competitions are held almost every week – so there is a wide choice!

I chose the following competitions:
February 2 – already past – Departmental Competitions in Massy region.
February 10 – Yvelines Regional Competitions.
March 16 and 17 – Round of French National Championship, Besançon.
March 24 – Regional Competitions, Versailles.
April 7 – Round of French National Championship, Paris

Every start I have specific tasks: to get used to the competitive rhythm or to the 50-meter pool, improve my dive-time, or other tasks in individual disciplines.

Since many competitions are taking place within one day, I prefer to focus on one discipline – especially that I have plenty of other competitions.

This weekend I will start in DNF. This is one of my favourite disciplines. I remember how 7 years ago, in February I took part in my first competitions in the same discipline. I did 107 meters and appeared on the freediving scene “from nowhere.” Of course, I’ve had 10 years behind me in professional swimming. Although not all swimmers can freedive 🙂

End of April I’m giving educational freediving courses for beginners and already experienced freedivers. It will be a special event, we have created it in a new format – to exchange the maximum knowledge and experience. 
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Welcome to My Journey to Depth, a blog in which I share my training tips, freediving adventures and competition stories.

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