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Welcome to My Journey to Depth, a blog in which I share my training tips, freediving adventures and competition stories.

Second weekend in a row, equipped with a sleeping bag, tea pots and dried fruits, we are spending in the pool at freediving competitions. This time – Regional competitions 2e Meeting Velizy Apnee, the results of which will qualify athletes to participate in the French Championship FFESSM.

My start is at 15:45. An hour before my start I do my stretching routine, then change to the competition suit and prepare mentally for my dive. I enter the water only a few minutes before the OT.

To start so late in the afternoon in my opinion is a little more difficult, than in the morning. I prefer to swim with a double kick and a single stroke. For me that’s the best combination to gain maximum speed and save some effort. You may notice, that after 125 meters I change my technique to a stroke-kick-stroke-kick. That happens because I feel that my legs are getting tired, so I switch to using my arms a bit more.

I usually have my first breathing discomfort at around 100 meters, when I swim no fins. This time it comes a little bit earlier – at around 75. But I would not say that appearance of the breathing discomfort at 100 or 75 meters affects the result. Although at the very beginning, when I first started freediving, discomfort was arising much earlier. But if you train correctly, it will appear later and later 🙂

I love to compete. I love to overcome myself, and I love when everything turns out as planned.
During this competition I managed to complete 157 meters DNF, which is +2 meters to my old best result (2016), and confidence to carry on. This is the best performance in Ile-de-France so far, and even in the whole France 🙂

It is great to have a positive progression competing for so many years. After all, all the limitations we imagine ourselves 🙂

And now it is time to celebrate with champagne and train more, to do even better next time!

Welcome to My Journey to Depth, a blog in which I share my training tips, freediving adventures and competition stories.

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