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Welcome to My Journey to Depth, a blog in which I share my training tips, freediving adventures and competition stories.

Starting Depth season beginning of May, CWTB came to me by coincidence… I wasn’t really planning to train or to compete in that discipline. In general I saw no real difference in using a monofin or fins. But it’s true, that monofin makes it a little bit easier.

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I’ve started depth adaptation with the monofin, and then switched to bi-fins.
During training I first tried 65 meters with fins and it was really easy. My fins are very soft, and I use them only while teaching, so it was a bit concerning if they are not too soft for deep diving.

Very quickly I passed 70 meters and was feeling that I can add more. My fins came out to be very good: soft but powerful, allowing to gain good speed. I was really enjoying that feeling.
In total it took me a week to arrive at 76 meters, and I decided to dive 77 during the competition, carrying on the progression.

Russian Open Depth Championship was held at Freediving World – in Sharm El Sheikh, with a professional freediving team and 150 meters of depth next to the shore it is an ideal place for deep diving and competitions.
My training was done in The Blue Hole of Dahab, with 93 meters limit inside the coral reef – a «freediving greenhouse» with no current and minimal waves.

For me, it was my first experience to train and compete in different places, and it was quite stressful! Sharm El Sheikh is 100km to the South, with warmer water, plus the main difference is water color: getting used to dive in a Blue Hole I’m also getting used to see the coral arch, and coral walls, and generally dark blue at the bottom.

But since I was confident with the announced depth, I only needed to organize my mind and deal with the environmental stress.
Sometimes the eager for more depth can result in bigger announcement numbers and an early turn. But if you are truly confident with that depth, you will make it!

I’ve completed my dive to 77 meters within 2 minutes and 53 seconds which is a National Record for Russia in that discipline (funnily enough, I’ve completed exactly the same time what I’ve announced, second to second).
Can I do more? For sure, with a bit more training!

Talking about training: I’ll be giving a perfect Training Week at the end of June, where everything is planned for you to reach better results. We will work on technique and equalization methods, practice advanced skills and gain knowledge of phycological pre-dive preparation. But the main: we will freedive in some of the best dive-sites in the World! Check it out!

Welcome to My Journey to Depth, a blog in which I share my training tips, freediving adventures and competition stories.

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