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Welcome to My Journey to Depth, a blog in which I share my training tips, freediving adventures and competition stories.

Sabang International Freediving Competition 2019

The third Sabang International Freediving Competition (SIFC) will be held November 1st–7th, 2019 in the calm Balohan Bay, located on the beautiful and tropical Weh Island, Indonesia. If you have the opportunity to take part – do it! Nicknamed the … Read More

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National Record – 85 meters CWTB

Today, during the final day of the Blue Ocean Depth Competition in Dahab, Egypt, I set a new national record diving to -85 metres constant weight bi-fins, ranking n⁰2 within the AIDA World Ranking. This increases my previous -77 CWTB … Read More

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National Record – 77 meters CWTB

Starting Depth season beginning of May, CWTB came to me by coincidence… I wasn’t really planning to train or to compete in that discipline. In general I saw no real difference in using a monofin or fins. But it’s true, … Read More

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CNO Apnée St Germain en Laye - Club Photo - Marianna Gillespie

Pool Freediving Workshop in St-Germain

Recently I’ve given a workshop within the freediving club where I train, called CNO Apnee St-Germain-en-Laye. The club has been very helpful arranging extra times for my training for which I’m very grateful! Thanks to their generosity I train 3 … Read More

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Championne Apnée FFESSM - Marianna Gillespie

Ile-de-France Champion: 157m DNF

Second weekend in a row, equipped with a sleeping bag, tea pots and dried fruits, we are spending in the pool at freediving competitions. This time – Regional competitions 2e Meeting Velizy Apnee, the results of which will qualify athletes … Read More

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Massy Apnee - Competition 2019 - Marianna Gillespie 01

1st Competition 2019 • 206m DYN

Last weekend at pool competitions under CMAS rules in France I demonstrated a result of 206.7 meters in DYN. I’m honestly enjoying a positive progression in my results. Last time I took part in pool competitions 2 years ago. This … Read More

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Freediving Sunset - Marianna Gillespie

Summing up 2018 – How was it?

Unpredictable – that’s for sure. At the beginning of the year I didn’t plan to actively participate in competitions again – I was engaged in various work projects, because as you can guess, you cannot make a porridge out of … Read More

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Results – Sabang Freediving Competition

The second edition of the competition in Indonesia has come to and end with great success! 40 athletes from 24 countries, mainly from Asia, competed for 6 days to earn the most points overall, in all 3 depth disciplines. According … Read More

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Welcome to My Journey to Depth, a blog in which I share my training tips, freediving adventures and competition stories.

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