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Welcome to My Journey to Depth, a blog in which I share my training tips, freediving adventures and competition stories.

Sabang International Freediving Competition - Opening Ceremony 05

Opening of Sabang Freediving Competition

This competition is limited to 40 participants, which this year is represented by athletes from 23 countries. During 7 years of my competitive career, this is the most organized event. First of all, it is fully supported by the government … Read More

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Island of Pulau Weh - Indonesia 02

Preparations for Sabang Freediving Competition

The small tropical island Pulau Weh is located north of Sumatra in the Indian Ocean. I arrived here 5 days ago to acclimatise and adapt to new conditions: high humidity, 3 days in the planes and diving in the open … Read More

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Freediver Marianna Gillespie - Final Training in Dahab Blue Hole

When your results are growing but it’s time to leave

I have heard many times, «I’m progressing really well, but it’s time to leave, it’s so disappointing. What if I’ve had 2 more extra weeks…» Remember your best dives, the feeling you’ve had. The best thing is to leave when … Read More

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National Record – 70 FIM

Here is a video of my Sunday’s dive in FIM. It’s interesting to look at my dives from the side: here, for example, I check where the plate is, because the line does not have a candy cane – my … Read More

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National Record – 75 CWT

If you’ve missed my dive live yesterday, here it is! Early morning in Kas, with good sunny weather. Clouds were slowly covering the sky. Athlete starts were grouped from shallow to deep, which means that in the morning (when usually … Read More

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Champion Freediver Marianna Gillespie Performing Freediving Training Free Immersion in Turkey Kas

Everything has its time

Long-read for those who do not like to wait. I had almost 7 weeks of training in Dahab and another week here in Turkey. Could have improved your results – you will say. Could, but did not improve. Finalising my … Read More

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Training in Kas, Turkey

I’ve had 2 super busy weeks.. Finalising my training in Dahab; I’m now in Kas getting ready for the Kas Baska Competition. First day of diving here; the conditions are awesome! Slight thermocline around 40 meters but it’s all good … Read More

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Champion Freediver Marianna Gillespie Preparing to Freedive in Dahab Egypt Red Sea

State of Mind or Numbers?

Another week have passed. Hello September! Thank you for all your kind words! I feel much better. And I continue training. This week I overcame whatever difficulties holding me back at 70 meters, and comfortably secured 75 … Read More

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Welcome to My Journey to Depth, a blog in which I share my training tips, freediving adventures and competition stories.

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