Dahab Training Week 1 & 2 : 23 June – 6 July 2019


During these training weeks you develop and master advanced freediving skills, techniques and knowledge for deep freediving such as free falling, Frenzel and Frenzel-Fattah equalizing, whilst minimizing the risk of injury. You will also gain insight into Marianna’s personal methods, training routines, specific stretching exercises and psychological pre-dive preparation.

Pay with cash on the first day of the Course. To confirm your booking we require a €100.00 deposit.



DEPTH TRAINING WEEK is designed to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for you to be able to further your freediving progression and performances safely.


Cancellation policy

You may cancel your booking by notifying us by email at info@mariannagillespie.com.

  • Cancellation received 60 to 31 days before course date, full deposit and course price amount will be refunded.
  • Cancellation received 30 days or less before course date, deposit is non-refundable, the refund for the full course price will be deducted by the deposit amount.
  • Cancellation received 15 days or less before course date, full course price is non-refundable.