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Welcome to My Journey to Depth, a blog in which I share my training tips, freediving adventures and competition stories.

The second edition of the competition in Indonesia has come to and end with great success! 40 athletes from 24 countries, mainly from Asia, competed for 6 days to earn the most points overall, in all 3 depth disciplines.

According to the rules of the competition for each discipline there was only one attempt. Therefore, it was necessary to decide a tactics in advance not to be mistaken and not to lose important points.

Marianna Gillespie - Sabang International Freediving Competition 2018 - Overall Winner

I am pleased to finish the tournament with 214 points (1 meter equals 1 point) and be on the top of the podium in the overall ranking, and in each individual discipline. On the second place is Jessie (Jung A Kim) from Korea, with 184 points. She confidently dived to 80 meters with the monofin, setting up a new Korean National Record. On the third place – Natalie (Natalie Rudman) from South Africa with 172 points.

Sabang International Freediving Competition - Closing Ceremony 02 - Female Winners

Among men, the victory is by Sendoh, an athlete from China, (Jin Wang) who scored 239 points, he plunged to the maximum depth, which was limited by safety standards of the competition – 100 meters. Second place is Stefan from Germany (Stefan Randig) – 224 points, and on the third place is Mark (Mark Anop) from the USA – 215 points.

Sabang International Freediving Competition - Closing Ceremony 03 - Male Winners

I personally really liked that it was necessary to dive in a strictly defined order – first with fins, then free immersion, then without fins. Those who dived another discipline, were not receiving points for the overall ranking.

Sabang International Freediving Competition - Closing Ceremony 01 - Marianna Gillespie

What else was unusual – those who took part in competitions for the first time had their own system of their own internal competition. Well, the system was the same, and the points were the same, but the category is separate – “newcomer”. I think it’s great! So the guys won prizes in both: individual disciplines and the overall rankings. The rising star Mariko from Japan (Mariko Kaji) lit up the brightest of all: 64 meters with a monofin, 57 free immersion and was a little too nervous on the last day without fins diving 33 meters instead of 47. There is always something special about athletes from Japan … Maybe raw fish helps? ?

Sabang International Freediving Competition - Athlete

The competition went very smoothly, in general, the conditions for diving were good – although there was also a small current and a bit dark due to poor visibility from recent rains.

Sabang International Freediving Competition - Safety Team & Platform

I really want to say – thank you everyone for your support! Thanks to those who helped me to be at the competition, and to successfully complete it. Without your support, everything would be impossible!

Sabang International Freediving Competition - Marianna Gillespie & Nick

Sabang International Freediving Competition was the best way to finish my depth season 2018. Some challenges, positive progression and inner strength gained! 2019, can’t wait for you to arrive!
Next for me is pool season: I’ll be starting training in France in St Germain en Laye with the club CNO Apnee.

Sabang International Freediving Competition - Competition Team

Welcome to My Journey to Depth, a blog in which I share my training tips, freediving adventures and competition stories.

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