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Welcome to My Journey to Depth, a blog in which I share my training tips, freediving adventures and competition stories.

The third Sabang International Freediving Competition (SIFC) will be held November 1st–7th, 2019 in the calm Balohan Bay, located on the beautiful and tropical Weh Island, Indonesia. If you have the opportunity to take part – do it!

Nicknamed the “Asian Vertical Blue”, this competition, organised by the Indonesian Freediving Association (IFA) and funded by the Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia, is a fun, relaxed, safe and professionally organised event.

There are three competition dives over six days and every two days is dedicated to one of 3 depth disciplines. Day 1-2 focus on CWT, day 3-4 focuses on FIM and days 5-6 on CNF.

The top three freedivers (male/female) are determined by the best overall results. The total prizes of the performances reach up to 200 million Rupiah (12,000€), with a special prize lot for first time competing athletes! 

Registration is free of charge and includes 3 official competition dives, boat transport to/from competition platform during official dives, AIDA fees to entry into the AIDA ranking system and more! Check out further details following:
Link to Competition website
Link to Indonesia Tourism website

Registration goes Live on the 19th August at 19.00 Jakarta time. Be ready, slots rightfully go quick!!

SIFC’s safety setup is of the highest quality. It includes a large platform with an effective counterweight system, depth sonar, competition doctors and nurses, speedboat on standby with 15mins transport times to hospital and deco-chamber.

Keeping safety standards high, their safety freedivers only handle 20 dives per day – this is the only competition I’m aware of who does that.

I take this opportunity to praise the Indonesian Freediving Association, Stanley Sradaputta (event organiser) and the team of safety freedivers and medics – You really all do a fantastic job!

Best of luck for this year! Unfortunately I won’t be able to take part, but hopefully see you all in 2020 :*

You can read more about last years’ competition and results in my 2018 post here: Sabang Freediving Competition 2018

Welcome to My Journey to Depth, a blog in which I share my training tips, freediving adventures and competition stories.

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