Depth Training

In the Mecca for Freediving

Depth Training

In the Mecca for Freediving

23 June - 6 July 4 - 8 People Air 33°C Sea 25°C


Surrounded by sparkling turquoise water on one side, with majestic mountains and desert on the other, Dahab is considered to be one of the world's most treasured diving destinations. Peaceful atmosphere, amazing climate and incredible marine life make Dahab a perfect place to learn and practice freediving. We will start learning at the "Lighthouse" - a known training site with a sandy slope, sheltered from the wind, that slowly drops off, revealing some large and beautiful coral pinnacles. Then, going deeper, you will discover the unique Blue Hole - just a few steps away from the shore, 93 meters deep opening within the colorful coral reef - a Mecca for Freediving.

Everyday Sunshine

Enjoy lovely subtropical climate in a great company. Warm temperatures and constant sunshine… ideal to relax and to recharge on the beach.

Easy Access

Sharm El Sheikh International Airport is 1 hour drive away. Transfer shuttles operate 24/7.

Amazing Marine Life

The warm crystal-clear waters, colourful coral reefs, and untouched marine life make this location an underwater paradise.

Expert Training

Learn to Freedive with world-class specialists. We have more than 10 years of experience in teaching people.

Where to Stay

Marine Garden is our course base & meeting point, with basic & deluxe rooms starting at 12€ for a single room. Offers delicious veggie cuisine with beautiful sea views. To reserve a room, contact camp directly.

Training Schedule

Open to all levels, from beginners to competitors, Marianna will personalise your training schedule progressively in accordance with your needs.

Depth Training - Week 1 : 23 - 28 June 2019
During this 1st training week you will develop and refine the advanced freediving skills, techniques and knowledge for deep freediving such as free falling, Frenzel and Frenzel-Fattah equalizing. You will also gain insight into Marianna’s personal methods, training routines, specific stretching exercises and psychological pre-dive preparation.
Depth Training - Week 2 : 29 June - 06 July 2019
Upon the 1st week of skill development, this 2nd week is all about mastering and increasing your freediving performances. Coached by Marianna and training alongside her, you will learn all of the secrets to her breath-hold & depth.

Depth Training Week

Improve your skills, increase your depth and learn the techniques used by one of the deepest women in the world!

Week 1
Develop skills & knowledge
  • 6 theory sessions
  • 7 open water sessions
  • 5 dry equalisation sessions
  • 3 stretching sessions
  • 2 freediving trips
Weeks 1 & 2
Perform at your Best!
  • 6 theory sessions
  • 13 open water sessions
  • 9 dry equalisation sessions
  • 9 stretching sessions
  • 4 freediving trips
Week 2
Progress to greater depths
  • 6 open water sessions
  • 6 dry equalisation sessions
  • 6 stretching sessions
  • 2 freediving trips

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Want an amazing holiday experience? Be taught by a World Champion Freediver! Learn and practice freediving in some of the best locations in the world!


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